The Backwoods

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A meticulously crafted roguelite game on Solana - fun, rewarding and utterly addictive


The Backwoods is an exhilarating roguelite slash 'em up and shoot 'em up game meticulously crafted on Solana. Heroes leverage their unique weapons in fierce battles against demonic creatures. Progressing through levels not only enables them to acquire powerful gear but also rewards them with gaming tokens, namely $LEAF and $SEED.


You are the crucial factor of the vibrant game economy driven by the playerbase, and you will be rewarded for protecting Nightville from the hoards of monsters. The rewards you earn in the game, tokens and NFTs, are yours and yours only, rather than just some lines of records in a web2 database.


The community is the lifeblood of The Backwoods. We thrive on the strength of a close-knit community, an invaluable cornerstone of our endeavor. We are inviting crypto power users, casual web2 gamers and everyone in between to join this collective of like-minded individuals to participate, to contribute and to govern.


The Backwoods strives to deliver an unparalleled GameFi experience that is low-cost and low-latency. We are powered by Solana and the various trailblazers of the Solana ecosystem:



The Backwoods is an otherworldly existence in a mysterious dimension. At the center of this enigmatic universe stands the Eldertree, a colossal arboreal entity pulsating with arcane energy under the ethereal glow of the moon. The universe is teeming with diverse inhabitants, a harmonious blend of humans and fantastical creatures, all drawing their life force from the Eldertree's sacred $LEAF.

Lord Malachar was once the noble guardian of the Backwoods, entrusted with the Eldertree's protection. However, his insatiable desire for $LEAF led him to make a dark pact with an ancient and malevolent spirit. In exchange for power, Malachar allowed the spirit to corrupt his soul, turning him into the twisted Overlord known as “Malachar the Cursed.”

He now seeks to amass an immeasurable amount of $LEAF to break free from the corruption and regain his lost humanity. The dark pact constantly urges him to amass more energy to break free from its control. He hopes to plunge Nightville and its surroundings into darkness, establishing himself as the supreme ruler. Corrupting the Eldertree would grant him control over its magic, enabling him to bend the Backwoods to his will.

Viktas hails from a futuristic world known as Digitaria. He lived a solitary life, finding solace in the endless possibilities of the digital realm, unaware of the existence of other dimensions.

One fateful night, while experimenting with a mysterious program he had created, Viktas unknowingly tapped into a rift between dimensions. The program unexpectedly summoned him into the world of Nightville, where he found himself standing beneath the imposing Eldertree, with hazy memories of how he arrived there.

As a newcomer to Nightville, Viktas initially struggles to adapt to this mystical world. He encounters suspicion and curiosity from the villagers and must earn their trust by assisting in defending the Eldertree and defeating the monster waves that threaten the peace of Nightville.



The Backwoods empowers players with decentralized ownership of in-game assets, disrupting traditional gaming paradigms. Through blockchain technology, players gain true ownership of their virtual items, allowing them to trade and use in game.

Multiple classes of assets are available for players to earn, to trade and to use. Together, they foster a vibrant and player-driven virtual economy.


Fellow citizens of Nightville standing to fight against the demonic creatures threatening Nightville and Eldertree. Nightville is a diverse community and these guardians come from various racial backgrounds, with their own unique traits and abilities.



Armors and weapons exquisitely forged by craftsmen of Nightville. Infused with the power of $LEAF, they wield magical powers and can be controlled by their owners using mind power. Warriors equip them to excel in battles and merchants trade them for profits.



In Nightville, Mechas are the epitome of power and serve as the ultimate weapons in the battles. With the power of Mechas, Viktas will be able to confront more powerful and dangerous creatures to secure $SEED of sacred trees and be summoned into other worlds.



As the Overlord relentlessly seeks the $LEAF, it has become the most sought after commodity in The Backwoods. Survival for both the people and monsters hinges on the $LEAF, essential for life and a vital resource to fortify heroes and leafminded weapons.



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8+ Years Gaming / Finance Background, Chief at a Web2 Gaming Company.

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Passionate and Dedicated Community Lead, Committed to Fostering Engagement and Building Connections.

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Ex-FAANG, Crypto Trailblazer Specializing in On-chain Development, Adept in Crafting Innovative Solutions.

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Project Manager

3+ Years Project Management in Gaming and Web3 Industries.

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Community Manager

8+ Years Experienced Game Operation and Design Specialist, Concentrating on Inbound Marketing.

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Game Dev Lead

10+ Years of Experience in Game and Algorithm Development.



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